7 Reasons Why Short Videos Work Best For Learning

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Digital videos have an evident impact on our everyday life, whether it is social or educational. Online short video learning platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc have millions of monthly visitors and have also become free skill learning apps or platforms. With the popularity of digital videos provided through short video learning apps or short video learning platforms is growing, it seems only natural that these well-known and widely used free skill learning platforms should be extended into the educational system.

Education through videos can be an excellent learning tool, which when used properly can be very effective in the education system. As for the current educational scenario, it indicates that short video learning apps or free skill learning platforms have become a ‘go-to’ medium for many learners and younger students. Today’s students use educational videos to learn everything from basic skills, such as opening a jammed jar, to the next Instagram dance trend. Surprisingly, millennials account for 92 percent of all digital video viewers. Now let’s learn more about video learning, and how short videos are beneficial in the learning process.

Short Video-based Learning

One of the best instances of increased technology in digital learning is video-based learning. Video-based teaching is now used practically everywhere to make learning more effective and entertaining, from schools to coaching institutes and businesses. Video-based learning is available on various short video learning apps and free skill learning platforms like Subhe, Coursera, Udemy, etc. It has increased learner experience with visual examples, from live online classrooms to recorded video lectures.

While a single video could be for a longer duration, short videos on the other hand are precise. A video up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds (approx) in length is considered short-form. Since, short-form videos are typically 1-3 minutes in length, which is just long enough to hold the interest of the average viewer. These short videos cover- up the problem of short attention span. When students are made to watch long video lectures, they might lose their focus and concentration even before halfway through the video. However, short video learning platforms prove to be an effective way to keep a student engaged with complete attention.

Sometimes, a long video is broken down into short bits and dropped as short videos for students that significantly cover a topic. Students can learn at their own pace by directly interacting with the lecturers via short, clear, engaging, and enlightening videos.

But, that is not a strong reason to inculcate video learning in the education process through short video learning apps. Other advantages have contributed to an increase in the demand for video-based learning in recent years.

Check out 8 reasons why students like short videos to study.

Learning Convenience

Digital learning through short videos is an excellent option for those who are unable to establish a balance between coaching and school. It allows individuals to research study materials for competitive tests from the convenience of their own house. In a hectic world, where time is a constraint, through short video learning platforms, students can easily find time to watch these videos, as they are really short and precise and are very easily available on various short video learning apps or free skill learning platforms. Students who need to study on their own schedule can watch recorded video lectures whenever and wherever they wish.

A Memorable and Interesting way of Learning

Using short videos for learning is the center of attraction for many students. The use of a combination of speech, text, and visuals allows you to understand a topic more quickly. This allows for more content and information in a shorter amount of time. In other words, it’s easier for our brains to absorb and recall a message when audio and text are combined, and the same theory applies to students in studies. Information in a short form is more impactful on students as, when they learn through visuals and audio and graphics that is made and curated in the short informative video, it sticks into their head and is memorized easily.

Easily Accessible

One of the benefits of short videos is that they can be accessed from any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone as these are available on any short video learning app or platform. Enrolling in courses that offer recorded videos allows you to watch these informative short videos even if you don’t have access to the internet. For an instance, those students who are traveling, can easily download these videos in advance and watch them whenever and wherever they want to learn at their own pace.

Limited Screen Time

The biggest benefit of learning through a short video learning platform is that you don’t have to worry much about spending your time on the screen. Another thing is, videos in general have an option to start, stop and rewind, and the same can be done while learning through short videos. As these videos are short, you can watch these as many times as you want, until you completely understand and memorize them, without spending much time on screen.

Maximum Engagement

Short videos make it easier for students to learn and absorb content when learned through a visual medium in a limited time frame. Students prefer to learn by listening to study materials via videos available on free skill learning platforms, rather than reading traditional printed materials. Children connect more quickly when they are exposed to video content. By enabling thinking in the style of asking questions, effective educational videos dramatically boost the memory process.

Furthermore, subtitles give students the option of watching, listening or reading about the topics of their choice. It also helps in:

  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Good ranks
  • Improved communication and technical skills
  • Developed and refined potential

Video Content is Customizable and made for the targeted audience

When a video is used in education, it creates a tailor-made learning experience for the student, allowing them to learn at their own pace and preference. A student can watch and rewatch a video as many times as you need to grasp or understand the topic. With only a tiny push of the space bar, you’ll have all the time you need to take notes, mentally rehearse the concept, or stop and think about it. This is the new learning experience that students want and are using it.

Essential to Explore Interest

A person who’s looking for the topics of their interest, won’t spend an hour on a video for their answer. However, if the same answer is provided in brief in the form of a short video it would be more intriguing and convincing for the user. Hence, when people are exploring their interests, a short video would be more appropriate to watch.


Because short videos made with texts, graphics, etc, have the ability to create a visual picture of the real world, this type of contextualization is extremely effective in translating abstract theories into graphics. Because videos have the ability to create a visual picture of the real world, this type of contextualization is extremely effective in translating abstract theories into graphics. The students are able to make a link between the knowledge being conveyed in theory and its practical application.


Learning through short videos fosters a sense of presence that benefits both the cognitive and social aspects of learning. All these components are really necessary for effective learning. Short videos are now widely regarded as an effective learning tool in classrooms. To make the learning experience interesting, effective, responsive, and beneficial, lectures are done via short video tutorials on short video learning platforms.

Subhe is a free skill learning platform that provides short videos for learning. Subhe Daily Learning Club allows access to daily learning material to all the members in the form of short videos. The members are invited to get free access to 10,000+ short learning videos and playlists. When students get to learn at their own pace they take initiative in learning! Visit www.subhe.com and step on to your learning journey. To download this free skill learning app, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.subhe.twa


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