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Although the future may appear to be filled with robots and artificial intelligence (it isn’t), the reality of this new technologically equipped world is that the most successful businesses, nonprofits, and governments will be led by highly skilled individuals who understand and accommodate the demands of an increasingly connected, informed, and fast-moving world. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a job or career that hasn’t been influenced by ever-changing technology along with changing skill sets. Today, over half of all employment demand some level of technical skill proficiency. That percentage will climb even more in a decade.

Preparing students for future success isn’t simply about developing particular skill sets, or understanding specific fields, the aim is to enlighten the students with a sound system of education and teach them what they need to be taught.

The working environment has changed, and Subhe, a leading online learning platform knows exactly what a student needs to accommodate to this changing world and become successful in their own field or careers. Those who learn and acquire the in-demand skills and at the same time prepare for the future will always be ahead of the competition and will continue to remain so. Let us understand more about the skills that one needs to be successful in the future and what role Subhe plays in it.

How does Subhe help to make you Future-Ready?

Subhe is an online skill development platform, that makes you learn skills in the simplest way. It is a free Short Video Learning App that teaches creative skills in Hindi, powered by Adaptive AI Technology to make learning personalized. The professional and excellent team of Subhe understands what skills and qualities a student need to grow and become successful in their career, but what is more important is that subhe knows how to make the students future-ready by developing those skills in them.

The future of our careers is uncertain. The new workforce will be very different from ours. Here are some ways we may assist kids in being “future-ready.” As a leading online skill learning platform, Subhe accepts the duty to guide the students and prepare them not just to get a job, but to be futuristic and make strong career choices.

Some new and leading skills in the market are a great source and sometimes a prerequisite for employment. These are:

  • Social Media Management for businesses
  • Website optimization for search engines
  • Video and image editing

These skills are learned and performed in jobs by people all over the world. Many of them are likely to make more money than many of us. The competent team of subhe knows that there is no one way of learning skills and therefore with comprehensive courses we give personalized learning experiences to the students to make the learning process more accessible and flexible.

Here are some ways in which students can learn, grow and adapt to new skills through a personalized and fun learning process:

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is the process of constantly gaining new skills and knowledge. Through Subhe Daily Learning Club, subhe gives access to daily learning material to all the members. With this new initiative, Subhe provides new, trending, and relevant learning material or information to students. When students learn continuously they stay updated, and staying updated is preparing for the future. To make students future-ready, subhe provides learning material based ongoing concerns and trends, sparks new ideas, and gains confidence in their knowledge.

Learn in Hindi

While learning shouldn’t have any barriers or jargon, Subhe provides courses and videos in the local language, i.e. Hindi, which is an accommodating language for the learners. Subhe is on a mission to democratize learning by bringing industry knowledge and skills to the Indian Youth, in their own spoken language i.e Hindi.
Hence, Subhe fosters a healthy learning environment by giving students what they want in the way they want it.

Free Learning Source

Subhe with its mission to democratize learning offers a variety of short videos for all learners, which are feasible, easy to watch, and free with an intention to make them future-ready. It’s only through learning they prepare for the future and jets in their career. Any student who has enrolled for a course at the website, or has signed up for the daily learning club, gets an advantage of the short videos, and other learning materials on Subhe free of cost.

Skill Development Courses

As the platform is sincerely focused on skill learning and development since skills will be requisite for the future. Subhe knows that appropriate skills will guarantee success for students in the future.

Subhe offers the following master courses to those keen and interested students who want to learn skills online.

Such courses are:


While the transition to future-ready learning is difficult for everyone, it is necessary. Acquiring these future-ready learning skills and attributes will enable our students to not only cope with the fast-changing world and the uncertainty that lies ahead but also to take advantage of the exciting opportunities. Subhe with its learner-centred approach, is on the mission to make our students future-ready, and are you ready?

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