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“Learn continually. There’s always one more thing to learn.”

While learning has become a pervasive factor in every small section of our life, the new era of education has changed the conventional way of teaching and learning, and will probably emerge into something bigger than what we have imagined. This cause of altering education has been possible with the digital transformation in education. Digitalization is the new way of learning for educators, parents, and students who are eager to think about education in unique and compelling ways and create a learner-centric future.

Subhe is an online skill development platform, that makes you learn skills in the simplest way. It is a free Short Video Learning App that teaches creative skills in Hindi, powered by Adaptive AI Technology to make learning personalized. Subhe is built on the grounds of creativity and strives to make all courses as simple as possible to help students enhance their thinking and learning process. Awarded as the Most Innovative Startup by the Governor of Punjab, Subhe is an online skill development initiative, that uses technology and innovation to make quality education accessible to all students at an affordable price, in their own language. They create localized content especially designed for Indian students, focusing on practical aspects of the learning process with a vision to empower the youth of the country to earn a better livelihood by learning the skills of their interest.

Let’s look deeper into Subhe’s offerings and teaching process and learn more about it.

Short Videos

Subhe Daily Learning Club allows access to learning material to all the members of their interests in the form of short videos. Learning through short videos is an entirely new way of learning, as it pushes traditional educational boundaries, provides you with a quick and easy way to consume information and knowledge. Learning with short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall.

The members are invited to get free access to 10,000+ short learning videos and playlists. To become a part of the daily learning process at Subhe, one has to sign up (for free) at Subhe, enter his/her interests, and post that, they start getting recommendations according to their choice of learning topics in the form of short videos.
AI-powered recommendations for Adaptive learning

Education has become learner-centeric and a learner prefers his/her choice over a pre-determined learning structure. Subhe is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to foster and develop a sense of personalized learning among all learners. AI-based systems in Subhe can execute a variety of tasks that require human expertise. It retains the ability to develop solutions to human-related issues such as speech recognition, multilingual translations, decision-making, and much more. The new AI technology captures the user behaviour and choices continuously and keeps improving their learning sections. All one has to do is, feed their interest in the app and enjoy the learning material on the tips of their hands. Among thousands of videos, Subhe’s AI gives you what you exactly need.

Learn in Hindi

While learning shouldn’t have any barriers or jargon, Subhe provides courses and videos in the local language, i.e. Hindi, which is an accommodating language for the learners. Subhe is on a mission to democratize learning by bringing industry knowledge and skills to the Indian Youth, in their own spoken language i.e Hindi.
The students can also interact with other batchmates every 15 days and share each their insights with each other. When students interact on a comfortable platform in a language that they find convincing, this builds engagement, and enthusiasm among students and creates a positive learning environment for them. Hence, Subhe fosters a healthy learning environment by giving students what they want in the way they want it.

Free Learning Source

Subhe with its mission to democratize learning offers a variety of short videos for all learners, which are feasible, easy to watch, and free with an intention to foster a sense of daily learning among students. Any student who has enrolled for a course at the website, or has signed up for the daily learning club, gets an advantage of the short videos, and other learning materials on Subhe free of cost.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is the process of constantly gaining new skills and knowledge. This can take numerous forms, ranging from formal coursework to informal social learning. Subhe has taken an initiative to provide a source of continuous learning to students by creating a club – Subhe Daily Learning Club to allow access to daily learning material to all the members. The objective here is to create a learning ecosystem for the learners by learners so that students remain updated on the going concerns and trends, spark new ideas and gain confidence in their knowledge.
The Daily learning club was initiated to create an environment where students can get material to read and learn daily of their choice and preference. Subhe wants to convert the method of continuous learning into a habit.


Subhe’s online workshop is a collaborative platform for discussion, training, study, etc, where the teachers or industry experts interact with the participants and delve deeply into a particular topic. Students feel encouraged and motivated after learning about new topics and meeting industry experts in their area. Listening to any important person speak at a seminar or workshop might assist a student to learn about their work or how things are done. To join these workshops on Subhe, all one needs to do is to pay a minimum registration fee and get a chance to attend an ultimate learning experience guided by industry experts.

Mobile First

Subhe an e-learning platform is a mobile-first design that is easy to use and convenient for all users. The website can be used on any device with great responsiveness and engagement. The features are designed to automate the learning process in a way that appeals to the students. Subhe knows that the learning process has shifted from a book in hand to a mobile phone in the palm, and hence, its advanced features give you a live learning experience.

Gamified with incentives – earn as you learn with S Coins

You have the power to learn and also to earn. Subhe is a Free short video platform, where Members have the right to invite other like-minded Learners and indulge them in this free learning experience with you. The invited members get free Membership on the Subhe platform to explore creative skills and join the daily learning process. But what do you get?

You get 100S coins (referral points), when 1 person joins, this increases your membership level and similarly so on. You can later redeem these subhe coins to get Subhe goodies like free access to a live workshop or Q&A community pack. That’s how you have fun while learning.


In short, Subhe provides everything that a user or a learner needs and should have. Education is pervasive and one never gets tired of knowledge. With advanced features available on the website and app, Subhe ensures that education is imparted at the convenience of students. Enroll now at https://www.subhe.com/academy and get access to free and daily learning in an easy and convenient way.


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