How AI is making Education Interesting and Beneficial for Students

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Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are significant determinants of growth and innovation in all industries, even the educational sector. According to the eLearning industry, 47% of learning systems or products will comprise AI capabilities. While some worry that artificial intelligence would take over education at the cost of student-teacher relationships, others believe it will transform and improve the education system imminently.

While AI-powered solutions have been around for a while in the EdTech field, the industry was a bit sluggish earlier in adopting it. Meanwhile, the pandemic led to a new wave in the introduction of AI in the education sector. It changed the scene dramatically, pushing educators to rely on technology for virtual education. The players became highly aggressive in adopting and innovating the ways of learning through AI Technology has now become the basic aspect of education.

How does AI Benefit Students?

When we really get to the core, a student’s idea of education is simple: to get a degree in his/her chosen field or to acquire knowledge to demonstrate their expertise. AI can assist students in achieving this goal by simplifying the study process. It can have a huge impact on students’ educational journey by offering access to the relevant courses, enhancing teacher-student interaction, and providing free and leisure time to students.

Here are a few examples of how it is achieved through AI:

Personalization – Students can enjoy a personalized approach to learning and education because of AI, which allows them to have their own unique experiences. To ensure that students get the most out of their education, AI can adjust to their level of expertise, learning speed, and intended goals. Furthermore, AI-powered systems can examine students’ previous learning histories, detect weaknesses, and recommend courses that will help them develop, allowing for a highly personalized learning experience.

Tutoring – While it is crucial for students to require additional assistance outside the classroom, many teachers do not have the time to help children after school. As a solution, AI instructors and chatbots are an ideal substitute for it. While no chatbot can completely replace a teacher, AI tools can assist students in honing their skills and improving weak areas outside of the classroom. They provide a one-on-one learning experience without the need for the teacher to be available at all hours of the day to answer questions. An AI-powered chatbot, for example, can respond to student questions in 2.7 seconds.

Quick Responses – AI is the fastest and the quickest way to get your answers. Through support automation and conversational intelligence, Artificial Intelligence can assist students to get solutions to their most frequently asked questions in seconds. This not only saves time for instructors, but it also saves time for students who are looking for answers or waiting for a response to their inquiries.

Learning 24/7 – Because of the introduction and enhancement of AI technology in education, students can avail a course, program, or a degree from any corner of the world, without being constrained by time. Each student learns at his/her own pace, and students can experiment with what works for them at any time without having to wait for an educator or completely drop the course. Furthermore, students from all over the world can receive a high-quality education without having to pay for travel or living expenses. This saves their time and money while providing quality education.

AI-Based Solutions in India

In the realm of education, there are numerous AI-based solutions. There are excellent options for high school and college students. AI-based systems can analyze massive amounts of data and provide students with a variety of options, including personalized learning materials. Some of these includes:

Voice Assistance

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Home are some examples of AI-based voice assistants. These devices are already being used in the classroom and for learning. Students can interact with these devices and receive assistance without the need for a human teacher. Because AI-based assistants are relatively new, most students find them fascinating, thrilling, and engaging.

Smart Content

In AI-based learning, digitized textbooks, personalized information, and customized interfaces have a very important role to play in comparison to other learning materials.

Online Classroom

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, online classes have become a significant source of learning and education. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google, were some mainstream learning platforms for students. Zoom has added AI-powered transcripts, note-taking capabilities, facial recognition, and other features hence leading to a more digitalized and smarter learning system. For video calls, Google Meet is a popular app with AI-based noise suppression.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality combined with artificial intelligence allows for incredible visualizations that are not achievable in traditional classrooms. To enhance and diversify teaching and learning experiences, the VR system employs immersive 3D visualization technology. Such a dynamic system aids in the comprehension of the topic.


Teachers benefit from AI technology because it helps them perform better, enhances the teaching process, and decreases their workload, which improves students’ learning curves and experiences. True, that AI technology has a lot of advantages in a variety of industries, including education. With a plethora of AI-based educational platforms, students have a wide range to choose from. While AI is all about experience, one never knows its outcome until they really experience it.

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