6 Essential Elements to Boost Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity
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Quoting the words of Steve Forbes, the editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” This means that devotion of resources, end-to-end strategies, and evolving ideas are required in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. This is because brand identity assists in distinguishing your brand from those of competitors.

A company’s views and perspectives are highly reflected through its brand identity. Brand identity is a highly effective way to ensure that these thoughts and ideas are delivered to the customers, stakeholders, etc. This way they will know what the company really wants to convey. Besides this, the increasing number of users on digital platforms indicates that your brand can possibly do well if presented properly on digital space. Let’s understand what we mean by brand identity and what are its elements.

Brand Identity

brand identity

Brand identity refers to the visible components of a brand – colour, design, logo, etc. These elements are put together by a company to portray the right image to the customers. The similar-looking words, ‘branding’ and ‘brand image’ are very different from brand identity.

6 Essential Elements to Boost Your Brand Identity

Brand Name

The brand name is identification used to refer to a company, its product, services, etc. It distinguishes a specific firm, product, or service from other brands in the same category. A brand name is the result of extensive research and creative ideas. It might appear easy, but a lot goes into deciding a name for the brand which is catchy and meaningful at the same time. Throughout the course of the company, the brand name represents its values, meaning, purpose, and even the product. If you offer a variety of products or services, your brand name will help you define the brand architecture. Some examples of brand names & their meanings:

Nike (Footwear company) – A Greek goddess for victory
Hyundai (Automobile manufacturer) – Means modernity in Korean
Nivea (Skin cream) – Niveus is Latin for Snow White
Many brands are named after their founders like – Ford, Adidas, TATA Group, etc.


A logo is one of the many things that serve to build brand identity. After a brand name, the one thing that sticks in viewers’ minds and has a strong impact is a brand’s logo. Because a good logo is a visual, an aesthetic feature, it helps people remember your brand in ways that a company name alone might not. A logo offers a brand its visual identity as it works as a point of identification for a brand. For example, Nike, Mercedes, BMW, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft use design abstracts in the logo which gives a much larger impact and sticks in people’s memory. A properly designed logo is also immediately recognizable and gives a good impression. Furthermore, it enables you to effectively communicate your brand messages and fosters brand identity. This means that if you want to stay on top of your prospects’ minds, you’ll need to devote a lot of time and effort to your logo design.

Tag Line

Not much needs to be said about a tagline. A tagline is a short memorable phrase in a small sentence or a few words, that emphasizes the brand’s benefits or differentiates it from the rest. Some good examples of catchy and attractive taglines are:
L’oreal – Because you’re worth it
McDonalds’ – I’m lovin’ it
Nike – Just do it
These taglines give you a reason for your association with the brand. An excellent tagline expresses a distinct value or characteristic of your organization or product in a way that entices customers to learn more. It’s the primary takeaway if nothing else. Some taglines like the ones mentioned above became phenomena, and apparently, everybody knows it. Build a tagline that not only represents your company but also defines a purpose for your customers.


These days companies offer their products in various shapes and sizes. These unusual shapes give a distinct feature to the product that attracts people to buy them. Brands like – Kitkat, Kinderjoy, Volkswagen, Tesla, Coca Cola bottles, etc have designed their products in distinct sizes to highlight their product in a unique way so that it promotes the brand identity and takes it to the next level. Just looking at the shape and size of the product one can tell the brand (given the popularity), and that’s the power of giving a unique shape to your product. Hence, the shape is the finest way to ensure uniqueness and build up a brand’s identity.


It is proven that a good proportion of people respond actively to a better visual design than a plain & simple text. This means that high-quality graphics are essential for good branding because they help to attract your target audience and work effectively towards communicating your brand messages and values. Sometimes stylized fonts are incorporated with graphics to make it more attractive. This makes a brand more relatable and appealing to the customers. See how adding a graphic layer to your brand creates a new visual language and strengthens your brand identity. Like Louis Vitton uses flower patterns to make its products unique and recognizable.


Colours add a unique sense of emotions to brands. Colours easily communicate the emotions and messages associated with the brands to the customers. It helps them to connect with the brand instantly. Brands put a lot of money into this aspect and employ colour psychology to enhance their brand identity. Brands like McDonald, Gucci, Starbucks use different colours to deploy their particular message into the market. And later on, the colour associated with the brand becomes their identity, and largely people relate a particular colour to a certain brand.

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Clearly, hard work and good products/services are not the only factors that build up a brand. A lot goes into creating a brand identity. Brand identity is the core of a brand’s existence which relates directly to the customer or audience. Hence, working out strategies is good, but establishing your brand identity with these elements is better.

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