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Subhe is an online learning platform, for educational content and resources that offer students everything that they need in one place. Creativity is in the DNA of Subhe, and our approach is driven towards making all our courses in the most simplistic way to develop your thinking process.

Our Master’s Program in Graphic Designing and Photo Editing is one of the many courses offered by us. Live lectures, assignments, practical tasks, and internship/training programs are a part and parcel of the course. Along with learning, our students are trained and upskilled through interactions and practical tasks. We believe in showing you the right way to help you create something new and effective. And up-building a skill can be very supportive in escalating your career.

Subhe, as an online learning platform offers:

Practical focused approach – We believe Why is more important than How. Hence, our course is targeted towards understanding why a tool or a method will work for the end-users or the audience, besides learning how to use it.

Real work experience – Learn how the industry works, with first-hand experience through an internship. An internship is offered to the enrolled students after the compilation of the course.

Courses in Hinglish – Language jargon can be a typical barrier in learning a course. All the courses offered by Subhe are in spoken language i.e Hindi + English, making these tools and lectures easily understandable.

Why Subhe?

Our courses and teaching techniques are not only limited to content but also involve practical learning and understanding. We want our students to be the best in the industry. So here is a list of some interesting and unique features on our platform.

Peer to Peer discussions – Interaction with your batchmates every 15 days

Live Lectures – Live discussions and real-time suggestive development with our industry experts.

Program Manager – A program manager will guide you through your course, answer your doubts and will check your performance.

Doubt sessions – A doubt clearing live session with your trainers to resolve all your doubts and questions related to the course.

About Master’s Program in Graphic Designing and Photo Editing

Graphic Design Masters certification program is an 8-month hybrid training program. It offers recorded videos along with live sessions. The enrolled students are offered an assured internship for 2 months in the industry to muster experience and to apply what they have learned. The program is curated in 26 live sessions, 521 Video lectures, 31 assignments, and projects along with 2 months of guaranteed internship.

This course is specially designed for those students who hold a very keen interest in designing. This includes Social media posts, corporate identity, website layouts, print designs, motion images, and advanced image editing. We place a strong focus on comprehensive learning combined with hands-on experience and industrial training.

You’ll learn how to use all of the visual design tools and will learn to practice them in real projects.

Major tools covered in this course:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign

Fee and Scholarship

The Master’s program in Graphic Designing and Photo Editing at Subhe is offered to interested students at a very nominal fee. It costs a lump sum of Rs. 30,000 + GST or 6000/installment (6 installments + GST). Besides this, Subhe offers scholarships to selected students who get up to 40% off on the course fee. This scholarship is offered to make our course more accessible. On the selection, the selected scholar gets a discount of up to 40% on his/her courses fee. The scholarship is offered based on the application and profile.

The curriculum of the Program

The master’s program is designed in a way to promote and educate the students according to the industry’s requirements and demands. Here are the topics that will be covered throughout the course:

  • Understanding the program and design fundamentals like colour theory, typography, and topology
  • Learning and Mastering tools and techniques of Adobe Photoshop with practical projects
  • Advanced Image editing
  • Image manipulation
  • Learning to use vector and illustrator drawings through practical projects and assignments
  • Both online and Physical print design through Adobe InDesign
  • Finally, based on the advanced training module, the students will learn to improve their assignments and projects to build a healthy design portfolio.

What will you learn?

  • Social Media creatives
  • Flat Icons
  • 2D Icons
  • Logo Designs
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Guidelines
  • Motion Images
  • Photoshoot Images
  • Portrait Designs
  • Digital Image restoration
  • Magazine
  • Newsletter
  • eBook Design

Placement Opportunities with Subhe

Being a placement partner with 1500+ companies, all the students enrolled with the Master’s program in Graphic Designing and Photo Editing are provided with assured internships and job opportunities. The placement process begins from the very first day of enrollment in the program. Our job is to train and prepare you as a graphic designer. All the assignments, expert interactions, live sessions, and lectures that you will attend will drive you towards this goal.

Placement Training – The dedicated team of Subhe will train you for internships as well as placements by preparing you for the interview.

Placement Drive – The first placement drive will be held for internships, and a similar process will be followed for final placement, once you’re about to finish your internship.

100% Assured Internship – We provide 100% assured internships already integrated within the curriculum. You might even get an internship before the completion of your training.


The master’s program at Subhe is an integrated online course, which offers internships and training programs along with certification and placements after the completion of the program. A certification by Subhe is a reflection of your hard work and the understanding of the core concepts of Graphic Designing and Advanced Photo editing.

However, getting a Master’s Certification from Subhe is not a piece of cake. You have to watch all the course videos, do assignments, attend live and group sessions and do a genuine internship at the end. Demonstrating qualities like – design skills and sheer motivation to learn through this master’s course, can help improve your chances of finding the job you want and start a whole new career. For more information or to enroll in the course click below:


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