Which are the most in-demand freelance skills and where to learn them?

most in-demand freelance skills
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Freelancing is no longer viewed as a “side hustle” or a way to earn a side income while you’re not working anywhere. You may now work full-time from the convenience of your own home. With the potential of a better work-life balance, much higher compensation, and increased job satisfaction, the number of self-employed professionals will only grow.

However, as appealing as the term freelancing may sound, you must first determine which career path is ideal for you and where to begin before actually beginning anything. Just a mere thought or willingness to work won’t help, you need the right skills and talent to supplement your work and activities as a freelancer.

What are the most in-demand freelance skills for 2022?

The working environment has changed. Work is no longer something we “go to” but rather something we “work from.” Freelancers have been ahead of the competition for a while now and will continue to remain so. With the appropriate combination of skills, you might get to the point where you want to be in your field as a freelancer.

Hence here are some common freelance skills that you need to learn in order to land the perfect Freelance jobs:

Graphic Design

The graphic design market has a wide range of jobs to choose from. With 73 per cent of businesses spending on website and social media design, freelance prospects have never been more prominent. You’ll be able to work on initiatives such as marketing, web development, user experience design, and corporate communications, to name a few.

Mobile App Development

Developers for both Android and iOS apps are in high demand. Given that individuals spend more than 3 hours every day on their phones, it’s no surprise that businesses are focusing their efforts on promoting their services via mobile apps. This is an excellent opportunity for mobile app developers to profit from their skills and abilities. Companies are always seeking fresh freelancers to design, code, and test their mobile and tablet apps. This demand isn’t going away anytime soon, so you’ll be able to make a living as well.

Website Design

As a website designer, you will be in charge of studying design trends and developing intriguing draughts using creative software such as Photoshop. Web designers must be proficient in website-specific coding languages such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as they frequently collaborate with front-end developers to code each site.

There are 3 general specialities web designers can choose from:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Visual Design

Website Development

There’s a huge need for talented web developers, both in-house and freelance, implying that now is an excellent moment to learn how to program websites.

Very similar to web design, web development offers 3 areas to specialize in:

Front-end developers – They work on online things that interact directly with users, such as login pages, click buttons, and user forums.

Back-end developers – They work on the core of each website, which is hidden from visitors. This covers a website’s foundation, databases, and servers.

Full-stack specialists – They are engaged to manage all aspects of constructing and managing a website.

Video Editing

If you don’t want to film videos but enjoy working with moving visuals, you should think about getting into video editing. Video editors are swiftly becoming one of the most in-demand jobs, with 93% of businesses seeing an increase in clients after publishing a video ad on social media.

Digital Marketing – SEO and SMO

Digital marketing skills are the most demanded ones so far. SEO marketing is a distinct branch of digital marketing that necessitates freelancers to ensure that a client’s website appears on the first page of a Google search. And SMO – Social Media Marketing helps a business to grow in popularity and revenue, and trust me every business needs that. The demand for digital marketing jobs is on the rise and this makes freelance digital marketing a great career option.

Where can you learn these freelance skills?

Enhancing a skill is not an assignment night, where you procrastinate and finish it before the deadline. Skills are not innate, they require polishing over time. Adding values to your video editing skill takes time and generally comes with practising. For beginners, try enrolling to a particular skill course, which will create a wholesome environment for improvement. The online education system has advanced itself to another level, thus providing greater opportunities for your career. There are many online education platforms that offer paid as well as free courses (according to your requirements). One of which is Subhe – an online skill learning platform.

Subhe is an online skill development platform, that makes you learn skills in the simplest way. With the Short Video Learning App, powered by Adaptive AI Technology to make learning personalized, you can learn creative skills in Hindi. Subhe is built on the grounds of creativity and strives to make all courses as simple as possible to help students enhance their thinking and learning process. It follows a learner-centric approach for education and personalizes the learning method according to the need and demands of the student.

Subhe offers the following master courses to those keen and interested students who want to learn skills online. Such courses are:


If you’re thinking about freelancing but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to be successful, the answer is always yes. Self-employment allows you to transform your passions into a profit, which boosts happiness. At the same time, you’ll have a better work-life balance, greater compensation, and the chance to network with some of the most talented people in your profession. While freelancing will demand a lot of dedication and hard work, nothing can stop you from succeeding if you take the appropriate approach.

Embrace a New Way of Learning with Subhe

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Embrace a New Way of Learning with Subhe

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