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What streams can a Front end developer pick

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What all career expansion can be done for a front end developer who is keen into UI/UX as well, are there roles/designations available in market who needs a UI developer snd a designer both ? If yes what all would it be ?

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With the knowledge of Front development - Like CSS/HTML/Bootstrap, You can create your UI UX design creative more Interactive and Responsive.

As a UI UX designer, you will be designing the Overall Design Experience for a user And as mentioned above with the knowledge of Front development Knowledge you can enhance the interaction of the UI Design.

From a job perspective, being a UI UX designer & A knowledge of BAsic CSS & HTML is like a feather in a cap effect ANd also the career growth aspects are high.

But your current UI UX designing course only concentrates on UIUX designing, Front End development is an Advanced UI UX curriculum Topic.