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what is importer mp3, error code 5 in premier pro . how it can be solve in Rendering any selecting part in TIMELINE?

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Actually isme agar mp3 import me problem hai to fir bhi maine AUDIO ko MUTE or REMOVE bhi karke render karna chaaha, koi bhi selection part ko TIMELINE ke fir bhi koi responce nahi hua....Render me, problem aur ye hai ki TimeCode bhi nahi hai is error me ki main samajh saku ki Problem kaun se TIME me aa rahi hai....wo isiliye ki Video ki lenght approx 30 minutes hai....So Anyone? For hELp???

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1- Try clear Media Cache File. (Edit-   Preference)

2- try to export in different format and codec.

Mostly Importer error, file import karte vakt aata hai. Agar problem solve nhi hota to aap Screenshot Share kijiye.