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what type of colours suits best for food website?

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Namaskar ,
Food industry is vast you can get vegetable stores online , cooked food online or how to cook alike stores , in such cases you should have creative brief about your client , it will help you to get best of your outputs , if you simply ask me about just colors - Red , Orange , Yellow and Green here it is .
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I would like to add Red colour too , As if it is a non veg food content that is easily noticeable , So green and Red plays major role .
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Yellow as its gives the feeling of energy and green as it shows nature existence.
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1. Earthy Color Palette

This earthy color scheme is inspired by nature and is an apt choice for food joints focusing on healthy food. Consider similar color palettes that feature brown, orange, and yellows if your restaurant serves organic, wholesome, and natural foods. They can create the image of a relaxed, welcoming environment for your restaurant.

Hex Codes: #854d27, #dd7230, #f4c95d, #e7e393, #04030f

2. Reliable Color Palette

Brown is the prominent color in this color scheme, and it symbolizes tradition and reliability. Meanwhile, the pastel shades add a contemporary feel. Choose a similar color scheme if your restaurant offers traditional dishes but with contemporary style.
Hex Codes: #362417, #92817a, #f1dabf, #fffbff, #04030f

3. Urgency Color Palette

Red creates a sense of urgency and is often associated with fast-food joints. It captures attention and urges visitors to make quick decisions. If you own a fast-food joint, color palettes with bold shades of red shades will make your restaurant website attractive. Balance out this bright shade with black and white in the color scheme to make the written and pictorial content pop.

Hex Codes: #ff0022, #edfdfb, #b9bab8, #f8e9f2, #04030f

4. Healthy Color Palette

A color palette that mainly focuses on the green is usually associated with healthy and vegetarian food. So, if this is the USP of your restaurant, choose green as the star color of your website scheme. Combine it with secondary colors like gray and black to tie different elements together.
Hex Codes: #040f0f, #0e3013, #656665, #289944, #e8e8e9

5. Luxury Color Palette

Upscale luxe restaurants will benefit from color palettes with jewel tones, black, and white. These shades create a trendy and modern vibe that reflects the ambiance of their actual setting. The additional benefit is that images of gourmet dishes look great against these intense colors and compliment the philosophy of these businesses.

Hex Codes: #0a0908, #49111c, #f2f4f3, #a9927d, #5e503f

6. Organic Color Palette

A mix of greens in the primary color palette is representative of plant-based fare. Hence it is a great color scheme that works well for organic and vegetarian restaurants. Lighter shades of olive green have a classic, yet warm vibe while the supporting soft pastel tones lend a modern look.
Hex Codes: #e6d3a3, #d8d174, #f2f4f3, #b6c454, #91972a

7. Casual Color Palette

Bright, saturated colors like yellow, blue, and red impart cheer to the website’s design. These vivid colors can be used to create contrasting frames within the page. However, yellow and red are not the ideal choices for traditional joints. So, opt for it if your restaurant has a casual style and serves anything out of the ordinary.

Hex Codes: #06aed5, #086788, #f2f4f3, #f0c808, #dd1c1a

8. Playful Color Palette

Orange, as the focus color, creates a playful, relaxed scheme for restaurant websites. It is hence commonly associated with confectioneries and joints serving deserts. You may like to choose a similar color palette if you own a snack joint or casual eatery. Since orange is very vibrant, add plenty of white and navy into the design to create a clean and uncluttered look.

Hex Codes: #4e598c, #ffffff, #f9c784, #fcaf58, #ff8c42

9. Elegant Color Palette

Muted color palettes are the ideal choice for simple and elegant restaurant websites. These color palettes look sophisticated with white or black lettering. Minimum use of color and focus on grey will create a timeless, luxurious effect. Hence it is an excellent choice for luxury restaurants and upscale diners.
Hex Codes: #8e9189, #494449, #857f74, #eeefeb, #ddeac1

10. Cheerful Color Palette

Bright pink accents add a happy and cheerful feel to restaurant websites. They are perfect for casual joints like ice cream parlors and dessert bars. The grays lend sophistication to the palette and make it look modern. Meanwhile, the pink creates a laidback feel, making it very appealing to youngsters.
Hex Codes: #fbfbfb, #404242, #bebdbd, #f475c6, #e8268e

11. Trendy Color Palette

Although blue is typically not associated with restaurant websites, this specific combination makes a huge difference. Here, the bright and neat blue and white color palette forms an excellent background to highlight colorful dishes on your website. It is ideally suited for those designs where you focus on the depth of field effect that is highly trending in food photography.
Hex Codes: #f2f2f2, #f4faf7, #f4fffb, #81d0e8, #71a1d1

12. Contrast Color Palette

Play with the stark contrast of black and white against a striking color like egg blue in your restaurant website to make important information pop. You can place the black color strategically to create clean lines and definitions for different sections. Meanwhile, add plenty of white to prevent the website from appearing cramped and dark.
Hex Codes: #fffdfd, #00cecb, #fdfefd, #0d1010, #fffdf1

13. Contemporary Color Palette

Pale pastels are a good choice when you prefer to use color sparingly in your restaurant website. Their muted effect will allow the content on the foreground to pop. The colors are also very pleasing and have a contemporary, clean look.
Hex Codes: #ffc4eb, #e1dabd, #fdfefd, #0d1010, #abc798

14. Rich Color Palette

The rich browns, black, and white in this color palette make it suitable for cafes and restaurants that serve snacks and beverages. The natural color palette will remind visitors of hot cups of steaming coffee, tea, cakes, and other baked goodies. So, by choosing such a palette for a café or bistro, you can enhance the branding quotient of your website.
Hex Codes: #a8763e, #6f1a07, #fdfefd, #0d1010, #281e16

15. Clean Color Palette

Add more dimension to your restaurant website with varying shades of the same color that create an ombre effect. This will form a clean background that attracts focus to the images and written content. It will also look neat and well-organized. At the same time, it will not overwhelm visitors. Instead, they will find it memorable and appealing enough to browse through.

Hex Codes: #373d20, #717744, #abac7f, #fefefe, #080808

source: https://abhijitrawool.com/restaurant-website-color-palettes/