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My Question 3 : Difference Between uncoated & coated Pantone colours ? Its purpose ? How to use in software ?

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Pantone colours do not change their real colour when printed. So  while printing the user can use any material/ paper he would want.
 For glossy material we use coated Pantone colours and for matte, uncoated. For example- thinking of laminated and matte finished wardrobe designs. If we want laminated then the colour we’re seeing is pantone coated because laminates are a bit glossy ; the same colour when used for a matte design would look different because it’s uncoated.

In the video you can see the site codebeautify.org where we converted the hex code of the colour to generate pantone colour options.

I hope you got your answer  :)
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Thank you so much for your help I appreciate it , by mistake I have given you Flag cause I didn't know about it . Up Vote for your answer thanks .