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How much we know about coding or programing as ui ux designer?

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Basics of HTML and CSS
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HTML and CSS and bootstrap

CSS will make the responsive website and look of the website.

somewhat javascript knowledge is also required.
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Hi Mayank,

I dont know about others but i can tell you mine, not even my single friend who is working as a ui/ux designer know A B C of coding infact not even me. I mean its great if you are good with programming as a desginer but i have asked my friends and they said no one is concerned about coding if you are a  designer.

Everybody plays a differnt role in the industry . Programmer do the coding and designer do the design.

Same point again, If someone wants to hire you, they will hire you as a programmer or a disginer.

If you got hired as a ui/ux you are not spouse to work as a programmer viceversa.
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In the initial stage of your career, you don't need to know the programming language. But as you grow you need to know how to read HTML and CSS.