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What type of colours are best for fashion brand.

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There can't be a specific answer to this. This depends on so many factors like the type of clothing brand, collection type, target audience, demographics etc. In fact, there is no one right answer when it comes to selecting any type of colour so we need to do proper research and be creative. 

You can refer to the colour psychology to start your research 

Colour Emotions

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This can be categorised into various color palette according to the brand story as thta that is the only thing which will remain constant.

Multiple color palette websites :-


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There won't be a specific color. All depend on the client what exactly they want.
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Hi Deepika

Iska koi sahi ans nhi ho sakta, color combination, rules sab bhot kaam ke hote hai inse kaam karne me kafi help milti hai but designer jab kaam karte hai to apni creativity ke hisab se vo design ko acha bana hi lete hai because rules are meant to be broken.

For example Zara ki website hai iske designer ne Zara ki black or white theme ko dekhte hue etni achi website bana di usme contrast bhi dala hai colours ka or ahr age to target kiya hua hai(Please have a look). To bus rule ye hai ki aap bus requirement samjho kya hai design banane se phle RND karo jayada se jayada.

Its all about your thinking and creativity.

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Hi Deepika,

The fashion industries often use black for sophistication and glamour, and warm colors such as red, orange and pink for passion, confidence and excitement.

Please go through the below link for more information :