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Which app we can use free for photoshop?

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Adobe Photoshop is a paid subscription-based software.
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Adobe photoshop is paid Software and it can be activated only on computer set. You can get its trial version for free. They provide trial version for three months.
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The trial version of Adobe Photoshop lasts only 7 days instead of 3 months. One automatically starts being charged once the trial period is over.
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Adobe Photoshop is a paid software and its works across desktop and iPad. You can download cracked version of Adobe photoshop from https://getintopc.com/

Please disconnect the wifi while installing the software.
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Adobe Photoshop is free to use and it's also a good app for us
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Adobe Photoshop is a paid and subscription-based software by Adobe. But I understand you cannot do that kind of investment right now so what you do is get its cracked version from the suggestion by given others from below. But it's kinda illegal so don't do it.

So here is a kind of solution for your problem. There is a site that works 95% similar to photoshop and functions the same too. It is basically legal and free. So you can check that out too.

1.) Photopea, it's web-based software so you need a good internet connection while you work and here is the link:

2.) GIMP, it's an open-source Photoshop alternative


3.) Photo Pos Pro, is a complete image editing suite rivaling the expensive Photoshop software when it comes to enhancing photos and creating stunning pieces of art.


I hope this helps