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Wireframe create karne ke liye koi specific tool h?

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Because  photoshop mai wire  frame  ke sare element identify nhi ho rha h like  img, buttons, text, kuch ayesa hona chiye  ki client t ko bhejane ke baad element  identify  karne mai help  ho.

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Hi Hemant,

You can use Figma or https://wireframe.cc/ .

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in figma you will find a tool named as frame just simply type s , you willl get a window asking whick mobles, webs , dextop wireframe u want.

and talking about the wireframe in Photoshop while getting started , where u get a option of web . click on that.
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Thank mam,

 i exactly  i ask any best tool which  i use for speed up my work flow.
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Hello Hemant,

You can also try Milanote and uizard.

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you can use any tool even a pen and a paper

some tools I can suggest,- adobe xD, photoshop, figma
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you can use Figma, Milanote...