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Check space between two objects in Adobe Illustrator.

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Hello, can anyone please tell me how can we check the distance/ space between two objects in Adobe Illustrator? 

Similarly like we can do this in Figma by clicking the ALT key and hovering the mouse.

Thank You.

Apologies for not uploading the image, I tried but I am not able to upload the image.

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Hello Sumit.

You can use ruler in there. And you can also use rectangle marquee there.  If u want same space or want to check space there.
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Hi Sumit,

You can also use Align panel.

  1. Select two or more objects that you want to be an exact distance apart.
  2. Click again on the object that is already in the correct position This will make that object the "Key Object."
  3. If the bottom third of the Align panel is not showing, look under the Options menu of the panel and choose Show Options.
  4. In the Distribute Spacing section at the bottom of the panel, type a measurement in the field.
  5. Click either the Distribute Vertical or Horizontal Space command and your object will now be that exact amount apart.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.32.11 AM.png


It can be solved by changing in Preferences > General turn off "Use Artwork bounds".


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wow what an explanation
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You should implement Maya's steps.