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what will be the future of sales?

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To be precise, after a few years do companies need any sales person or any marketer who works in the field especially in FMCG companies? I'm saying all this because everywhere I get to hear that everything will shift to online and there will be drastic changes in their business model. So, what's your take on it?

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Sales is a basic economic activity and basis for any industry. If you produce any product or service you will need to sell it otherwise no company can survive. And although this is true that the nature and medium of sales keep on changing and evolving but it one aspect is constant that you need people for sales. Buying is an emotional and personal process and needs a human touch. In some sectors such as FMCG sector, the trends are predictive downwards but this is not indicative of Sales as an industry or specialization. If you can learn and grow with time sales career is even more lucrative now as it was 20 years ago. 

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Sales ek commercial activity hai jisme money ke return me products ya services ko sell kia jaata hai. Yeh harr commercial activity ka essence hai kyunki sales se he product/services producer se ek ultimate consumers tak pahunch saktey hai. 

Sales ke different modes hai namely door to door sales, telephonic sales, online sales, sales through technology (through Artificial Intelligence)  etc, aur harr mode different circumstances me kaam aata hai. For example, presently COVID19 chalra hai toh maximum sales telephonically ya electronically hore hai. 

Although sales ke modes digitalization se future me change hosaktey hai, but ek cheez jo forever constant rahege, woh hai sales and people to do sales. 

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