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If we want to process the image, which mask is better, layer mask or vector mask

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Hi Ankita,

A layer mask also known as a pixel mask is a resolution dependent image created with the painting and selection tools.

A vector mask represents a path where the object clips out the contents of the layer. We can also use the Adobe Photoshop properties panel to refine the mask with the same options as the layer (pixel) mask.

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Hy Ankita

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Hi Ankita,

A layer mask is a black and white image. Black is transparent, white is opaque and all the different levels of grey are allowed.

That is, secretly, how Photoshop creates ALL images. If you go to your Channels tab and turn off all the channels except one, you’ll see a black and white image. This image is a mask placed on a channel/layer that is completely filled with the color of the channel. So, if you turn on only the red channel you are looking at a ‘red layer’ with a layer mask applied to it allowing other color channels to blend with it in order to create other colors.

The thing is, a layer mask is made up of pixels, it’s not perfectly smooth. If you made a layer mask that was circular and zoomed in on the edges you would see those tell tale ‘stair steps’ used by rasterized art to simulate smooth edges.

A vector mask, on the other hand, is a spline. It uses complex mathematics to reproduce the shape you create and is absolutely smooth at any level of magnification. Now, the image itself can still be a rasterized image, but the mask will always be perfectly smooth - even around the most complex curve you can create.