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if we want make a logo so which software is best and i want some tuttorials so how can i get it?

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if we want make a logo so which software is best and i want some tuttorials so how can i get it?

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Hi Shailesh,

As per my experience Adobe illustrator is best software to create any vector design. 

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if you want to make logo. so you can do.

1. Corel Draw.

2. Adobe illustator.

3. Adobe Photoshop

4. Adobe xd

5. Figma

6. Sketch.

7. zeplin
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can i get some tutorials about the log design as  a beginner?
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Hi Shailesh,

You can also create logo on paper with pencil after that in any software. 

Before creating logo your vision should be clear, like what you want to create and for make it very simple try pen (pencil)and paper and then in software. And most important thing you can use any software according to your need.

Here some link for you.




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