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Masking krne ki kya jrurt h if jb hm image place image krke lgaa skte hai to?

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Bcoz masking karne se particular ussi area par work kr skte hai jispr hme krna hai.
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Hi harshit,

Masking helps you to fit an image into your desired shape and size. It automatically crops it to your set shape.

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Aap image place kar sakte ho lekin kabhi kisi particular shape, text me image lagana ho to masking acha option hai.
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If you make a mistake, there’s no going back.

Photoshop came up with Masking to fix this solution. With Masking we erase something (make it invisible) but can very quickly bring that erased area back at any time (make it visible again). We do this by using the Paint Brush, and the colours Black and White.