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360 image pe link Kasse denge

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mein 360 image website pe dekhe or phir mein kuch usme ek product pe click bhi option usme us product ke pure jankari de gye hain vo kesse denge or ux keese use karenge

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The question you asked has several steps because it defines -creating a 360-degree product website.

Firstly understand what is a 360-degree image, how it is beneficial in a website. Then understand, how to take a 360-degree image photograph. 

Then later, to edit the image on Photoshop and finally adding elements to increase the User Experience of the website.

Below are the following Details and steps with Links-

360-degree interactive image

If you don’t want to clutter your product page with lots of images, then go for a 360-degree view as it will present your product from multiple angles and enable your shoppers to evaluate your product thoroughly. In-store, you can take a product, turn it around and inspect it. Use a 360-degree view to bring that experience to your website. It shows the product in as much detail as possible in one shot.

A 360-degree product view allows your customers to move the product around and see it from every angle. With a 360 degree view, your eCommerce site will need far less imagery.

This technique attempts to replicate the experience of physically going into the store and touching and moving a product.

 A product rotator is a good option if you cannot afford videos.

Firstly, the product to be shown has to be photographed through a 360 spin table. (This link describes 360-degree product photography-https://www.visualskus.com/imaging-services-blog/360-degree-product-photography-an-introduction/)

Then send it to the below 360 professional image viewer links-

  1. https://sirv.com/features/360-product-viewer/

  2. https://www.imajize.com/

The 360-degree product can be edited on Adobe photoshop-


You can check the video-


Then creating the 360-degree product page-

  1. After uploading the image, contextualize the product image-

Put your product into context. An image that shows the target audience using the product will clarify exactly what the product is, how it is used, and who is likely to use it. It also gives the user a sense of the product in the real world.

  1. Show product in Each Variation of  Color or Style

List the color options on the catalog product page. When a color is clicked, it updates that page with the bigger image showing the product with the color chosen.

  1. Show the size of the product

Showing the size of your product can be necessary in order for your customers to understand its actual size. If your product is small, you can put something small (that potential customers can identify with) next to it, so that they can easily compare. The same reasoning applies to long or high products.

  1. Use Videos to Better Convey what the Product Looks like in Real Life

  2. Add payment options/Add to cart option

  3. Conserve the Customers’ Clicks

To maximize usability on a product page, have all of the variations of a product on the same product page so the user can click between options without leaving the page.