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I want to try freelancing but I am afraid I will fail.What should I do?

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Your success or failure in freelancing depends on many factors which you don’t necessarily have to worry about right now. The point is nothing is simple you should give it a try if you want to. There will always be people who will say you won’t.

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Do not embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again. Don't be afraid at least you should give it a try who know this decision will be your best decision.  So be positive and think positive.
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Just work on your skills for now and build a strong portfolio then try freelancing.
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Everyone is afraid to try something new at first. But don't worry you have learned so much till now and have excelled in your course too. Take baby steps one step after another and don't think about how long you have to go, instead just the next step. Initially, you might do some goof ups but dearest that's like a stepping stone when you look back later on because that's going to tell you what all to keep in mind and not to do. After all experience is the best teacher and if you want a good teacher like experience you gotta go to the school of work. Keep your best foot forward and start the work. Three months from now you will comment here saying you did awesomely! Good luck
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Before doing anything you have to belive in yourself and First get ready to do your work

than do it.
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Have a proper study about what you are going to do and just go for it even if you fail you will learn from your failures and improve eventually.