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Google Ads/Adwords online Certification course

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Course Overview
  • 1-2
    Introduction to Google Adwords
    Develop the basic understanding of Google Adwords including account creation, management and achieve superior marketing quality
  • 3-4
    Practical Business Expectations and Campaign Structuring
    Achieve better ranking in search results and a deep sense of ad campaign organisation through Tag Manager and URL
  • 5-6
    YouTube and Shopping Ad Campaigns
    Learn the use of Google Merchant Centre and specialise on YouTube ad campaign for both mobile and desktop
  • 7-8
    Analysis and Reporting
    Learn how to strategize effective campaigns based on regular performance statistics


    This Course can help you become a

  • - Google Ad Specialist/Expert
  • - Marketing Executive
  • - Google Adwords Consultant


Lectures, Quizzes, Assignments & Projects included in this Course

Starting with Google Adwords

Learn Google Adwords account handling and terminologies to structure your campaigns towards effective output.

1 - Assignment

Understand practical business expectations and the relevant organisation of keywords for achieving better ranking in search results.

This module will guide you through ad campaign organisation involving well identified objectives supported by definitive bidding techniques and extensions.

Learn how to create and manage Google Search Campaigns with the help of Tag Manager and URL as well as conversion tracking.

Get introduced to Display Ads and develop your knowledge on targeting and remarketing to your campaign audience.

Display Campaign
2 - Assignment

Specialise on YouTube ad campaign operation on both the website and mobile app utilising concepts of sequencing and remarketing.

Ad campaigns perform remarkably in favour of Shopping Merchants offering dynamic remarketing and conversion tracking facilities. Learn how to use Google Merchant Centre to your benefit.

Make beneficial strategies by reporting and reviewing ad statistics that are based on practical consumer expectations.

  • 1.

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Answers to some common questions by students

There is no fixed time schedule, this course gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace. You can watch course lectures, learn and practice anytime that suits you. We suggest you spend a minimum 2 hours a week on this course and do the practice. This way you will be able to complete this course and master advertising through Google within 2 months.
Yes, you can do this course along with your regular college or any other course that you are already doing. In fact, if you are studying Marketing or Business in a classroom-based trainer institute then also you can join and learn from this course. It will complement your learning and provide you with practical learning with the demonstration and help you to kick start your career.
This course aims at providing you with essential skills and training in Google Ads. It is a high in-demand specialisation in the field of marketing. By the end of this course, you will be able to take the projects and finish them independently and get a good job or work as a freelancer.
This course includes 11 hours of video lectures. Additionally, it contains practical demonstrations and case studies to explain to you how key concepts are applied in reality. It also contains quizzes and assignments to track your progress.
You can start the course for free and find out yourself if the course is correct for you or not. To complete the course along with the certification you have to pay the course fee online. When the transaction is completed, you will get 1 year access to the full course and can start learning.