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Become a UI/UX freelance designer

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Course Overview
  • 1-3
    Fundamentals of Figma
    Get started in Figma and understand all the tools at your disposal in Figma to start UI designing.
  • 4-6
    Create Websites in Figma
    Learn to create the elements of UX like User Persona, Brand Attributes etc and complete the UI designing steps such as Wireframing, Prototyping and Layout designing
  • 7-8
    Basics of Adobe Photoshop
    Get a basic introduction to Adobe Photoshop and practice image editing
  • 9-12
    Important Sales and Freelancing techniques
    Learn about freelancing opportunities and how to crack the right contract that matches your skill set. Combine tactics from a sales process to become a confident freelancer and grab valuable projects

Major tools covered in this course


    This Course can help you become a

  • - Website Designer
  • - Freelancer
  • - UI/UX Designer
  • - App Designer

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Lectures, Quizzes, Assignments & Projects included in this Course

Begin with Figma

In this module, you will develop a comprehensive idea about Figma - an efficient in-browser tool of design.

We will guide you through all the necessary working options on Figma and teach you what and how you can implement into your projects.

Learn how to create plausible User Interface and User Experience Designs that focus on maximum usability and delivering optimum performance.

Get introduced to creating customised industry standard designs on Adobe Photoshop.

  • 1.
    Photoshop Layers

Learn about the essential features of freelancing and viable platforms to get work from.

Master networking and communication skills to receive repeat business and referrals. Grasp ways of approaching clients and creating fair pricing strategies.

Sales is considered as a noble profession and you can use up some fruitful sales tactics to improve your freelancing career significantly. Keep grabbing well-paid opportunities by presenting relevant work to the right prospects.

Learn how to manage, systematically arrange and get paid for projects that you acquire for working.

Create specialized professional portfolios for UI UX designs to showcase your work with the bonus module on Behance.

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Answers to some common questions by students

There is no fixed time schedule, this course gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace. You can watch course lectures, learn and practice anytime that suits you.
We suggest you spend a minimum 2 hours a week on this course and do the practice. This way you will be able to complete this course and master the essential UI/UX designing skills within 2 months.
This course includes 20+ hours of video lectures. Additionally, it contains practical demonstrations and case studies to explain to you how key concepts are applied in reality. It also contains quizzes and assignments to track your progress.
Yes, you can do this course along with your regular college or any other course that you are already doing. In fact, if you are learning designing in a classroom-based trainer institute then also you can join and learn from this course. It will complement your learning and provide you with practical learning with the demonstration and help you to kick start your career.
To enroll for the course you can apply for a scholarship. If you get selected, you will be informed over the email and will get a link to pay the course fee. You can pay the course fee online after which you can start the course.
To enroll for the course and start learning, you have to pay the course fee online. When the transaction is completed, you will get lifetime access to the full course and can start learning.
This course aims at providing you with essential skills and training in figma, photoshop and basic sales and Freelancing required in becoming a professional UI/UX freelancer. It is a high in-demand specialisation in the field of designing. By the end of this course, you will be able to take the projects and finish them independently working as a freelancer.
Subhe proudly presents a scholarship discount (10% to 90% off) specially for Indian Students. It's a limited time scholarship given to deserving students to help them learn the skills of their interest.Scholarships can be applied on the official website and it may involve telephonic screening from our counselor along with filling the online application form.