Is there a limit to watch videos on paid Subscription?

No, there is no limit of watching videos on paid subscription. With free 10 days trial, the limit is 200 minutes, but it will be revised as soon as you join the paid subscription.

Is there a certain period for which I have to purchase subscription?

No, you have two option to choose from either you can choose monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime without any cancellation fee or you can get yearly subscription.

Can I login from multiple devices?

Your subscription is for personal use, so we recommend you to login from one device at a time. Sharing your account details with others is violation of our terms and conditions.

Do I get refund in case I cancel my subscription?

Subhe.com don't offer refunds for subscriptions, but you can cancel your subscription any time. Even after cancelling your subscription you can access your account till the end of your paid term.

What if I want access to only one course?

We don't sell individual courses, but you can get access to thousands of courses at minimal fees of INR 499 for one month and get access to your desired course as well as several other courses.

Does Subhe charge any tax on subscription?

No, the subscription fees is inclusive tax and there are no hidden charges.

Why do I have to fill out a CAPTCHA sometimes while logging in?

You will see the login CAPTCHA rarely, if you're seeing it , it is because we detected a potential threat to your account detail. To protect our customer data from being attacked we use preventive measure which ensure your account security.

Do you offer any free trials?

Yes, we do offer 10 days free trial and you can avail it before joining any of our subscription plans. With our free trial you can access the content for 10 days/ or 200 minutes.

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