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Trainer Specific

I’m interested in joining Subhe as a trainer. How to start?

If you want to create and teach a course on Subhe, please visit our Trainers Module for details. In case you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

If I want to become a trainer with Subhe, will I have to pay anything to create a course?

Not at all! Becoming a trainer with Subhe, along with creating and uploading your course are completely free of cost.

Does Subhe provide any help in creating a video tutorial/ course?

Yes, of course. Subhe is eager to provide any inputs should you face any challenges, confusions or problems anytime regarding course creating or uploading. You can go through our comprehensive guidelines and write back to us anytime if you still have issues. Moreover, we keep sharing video tutorial tips from time to time on our Facebook page.

Does Subhe review/ moderate courses uploaded on their website?

To make sure all our courses meet a standard of quality, we review every single course that gets submitted on Subhe, before making it live on the website.

Do I need any specific equipment to create a video tutorial for Subhe?

Not really. There are a number of cost-effective ways to create professional online video tutorials. You can use any of the available tools to shoot, edit and create your course. Please contact us for details.

What are the specific criteria for a video tutorial?

A course should be divided into separate lectures, each covering a sub-topic of the main subject. It should have valuable educational information.

What is Subhe’s target audience?

Our target audience is thousands of students across India, eager and waiting to learn in Hindi and local languages. We believe that English should not be the prerequisite to learn latest skills and knowledge in business and technical fields.

Does Subhe promote my course?

With thousands (and growing) number of Indian students registered with our platform, we have quite a number of students looking for courses from experts at any given point of time. Moreover, trainers can promote their courses through emails and social media posts among their online social connections.

Student Specific

What can I expect from a Subhe course?

A typical Subhe course has crisp and to-the-point video content created with expert insights and examples aimed at students to learn by doing.

Will I be charged during my free trial?

No, you won't be charged during your one-month free trial. However, if you don’t cancel it at the end of one month, you’ll be accounted for the same automatically after the free trial period ends.

How can I find a Subhe course that best suits my needs?

You can look around our homepage and the students page for all the available courses as well as popular ones at any given time.

How to take a Subhe course?

All our courses are on-demand - anyone can enrol in a course of their choice at any time and learn at their own pace. There is no specific deadline to begin or complete a course.

Can I preview a Subhe course?

Yes, you can access a free preview given by the trainer.

What can I do if I don’t like a course?

It is as simple as stop watching it and look around for something else that suits your requirements better. Once you have paid the subscription fee, you are free to have unlimited access to all the courses uploaded on Subhe.

How long can a student access a Subhe course?

A student who has purchased monthly/yearly subscription at Subhe will have unlimited access to trainer courses indefinitely, for as long as their membership is valid.


What do Subhe courses contain?

Each course on Subhe is created by industry expert instructors. The basic resource for any course is video tutorials which are carefully divided into modules for easy comprehension by the students. Apart from this, a trainer can enhance student learning by providing questions, assignments and exercises.

Is Subhe an accredited institution?

No, but every course offered by Subhe is skill-based and created by industry experts with years of experience. On successful completion of a course, a student will be awarded Subhe certificate of completion.

Is there any age limit for joining Subhe, as a student or a trainer?

Not at all! We believe that age is no bar if you want to learn, or share your knowledge and skills with thousands of eager students.

Will I get updates from Subhe?

Yes, you can subscribe to our updates through your email id. Click Here