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Subhe is a Free short video platform, where Members have the right to invite other like-minded Learners.
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There are two important reasons to invite your friends, one is the Reward and Second is the Responsibility. Subhe is an initiate to #DemocratiseLearning. Here, thousands of short learning videos created by the top creative souls of India are made available for free to its members. Now it's your responsibility to help other like minded friends to join Subhe and empower them to explore their creative side.
We are on a mission to #DemocratiseLearning. Education will be truly democratised when learning doesn't stop coz of money, age, social or geographical boundaries. So to accomplish this mission we have to keep our platform free. We take support of certain companies and individuals like you who help us in reaching the youth of India who really need such leaning platform.
It's simple. You can invite anyone you want, just keep two things in mind. One, someone who would like to learn creative skills to grow her/his career. And second, someone who doesn't spam the club.
You can share as many invites as you can but only 10 new members can join with your invite in the beginning. Your more invites will unlock looking at the learning behaviour of the first 10 members you invited. So, use your invites wisely.
The main objective of this platform is to share knowledge for free and enhance our members' learning experience. So if any of your invited users is a spam user or has a fake email id, then you will not be eligible to earn S Coins and the Subhe Company decision would be final for any such concerns.