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Master’s Program in Graphic Designing and Photo editing

6-month Training + 2-month Internship
Next Batch: 24th September 2022
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Live Online

6 Monthly

Projects and Assignments

2 Years

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Program Overview

Master’s Programs are the Future of Education with Curriculum designed to get you a Job
  • 1-2
    Onboarding & understanding of Design Fundamentals
    Know about the program & basics of design like Color theory, Topology, Typography, etc.
  • 3-7
    Designing in Adobe Photoshop
    Become a creator & master all tools and techniques of Adobe Photoshop with practical projects
  • 8-12
    Advanced Image Editing
    Learn professional image editing with specialisation in Model, food, wedding and ecommerce photoshoots
  • 13-16
    Advanced Image Manipulation
    Have creative fun with Photoshop and make your images whatever you want them to be.
  • 17-21
    Adobe Illustrator
    Learn vector and illustrator drawings through practical projects and complete tool training
  • 22-23
    Print Design
    Be a master in both online and physical print design through Adobe Indesign
  • 22-24
    Projects & Portfolio building
    An advanced training module to improve your assignments & projects to build a healthy design portfolio

Program Assignments

Practice Images and Project Files will be provided
  • Social Media Creatives
  • Flat Icons
  • 2-d Characters
  • Logo Designs
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Guidelines
  • Motion Images
  • Website Layout
  • VFX Image Manipulation
  • Photoshoot Image Editing
  • Portrait Designs
  • Digital Image Restoration
  • Magazine
  • Newsletter
  • eBook Designs

Course Duration

Graphic Design Masters certification program is a 8 months hybrid training (Recorded Videos + Live Sessions) plus 2 months of assured internship.

Course Objective

This course is for someone who wants to design everything digital including Social media posts, corporate identity, website layouts, print designs, motion images, and advanced image editing.

What will I learn?

We put special emphasis on comprehensive learning with practical application and industry training. You will learn how to use all the tools and techniques of visual design.

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Placement partner with 1500+ companies

The placement process starts from the very first day that you join in. Our objective is to make you ready for a job as a Graphic Desginer.

All the assignments, expert interactions, live sessions, and lectures that you will attend will drive you towards this goal.

Placement Training

Our dedicated placement team will train you not only for an internship but also for final placements. They will make you understand the objectives of hiring companies and how to prepare for interviews.

Placement Drive

The first placement drive will be for Internship, where you will be applying for internships through online portals and with our partner companies. A similar drive will take place for the Final Placements once you are about to finish the internship.

100% Assured Internship

We provide 100% assured internship already integrated within the curriculum. If you are committed to the curriculum, you will have an internship even before your training ends.

Alumni Testimonials

Program Fee

Master’s Program in Graphic Designing and Photo editing


No Cost EMI

₹ 30,000
One time payment
  • No hidden fees

  • 6-month Program

  • Guaranteed Internship

  • 72 Live Online Class

  • Weekday and Weekend Batches

  • One to one mentorship sessions

  • 2 Year LMS access with Industry expert video lectures

  • Quizzes, Practice Assignments and Resource library

  • Monthly Projects and Portfolio Creation

  • Interactive LMS with Progress monitor

  • Exclusive Access to Q&A Community of designers

  • Peer to peer networking sessions

  • Placement training and support

  • 100% Refund Policy
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Get upto 40% Scholarship

Subhe offers scholarships to selected students who get upto 40% off on the course fee.
  • Step 1 : Fill the application form
    Apply online by filling a simple form
  • Step 2 : Initial Screening and Shortlisting
    Your information from the application will be screened by our counselors
  • Step 3 : Telephonic Interview
    Our counselors will do a short screening call to verify details and judge your interest
  • Step 4 : Scholarship Confirmation
    We will send you an email confirming your scholarship and its benefits

Training Pedagogy

Master’s Programs are the Future of Education with Curriculum designed to get you a Job

Our pedagogy has been specifically developed from a recruiter’s perspective and it follows 1 simple objective i.e to make you ready for a job. This Graphic Designing and Advanced Photo editing Master’s course is an extensive 26 weeks (8 months) Program divided into 3 parts. Explained below:

Subject matter Learning

The first four months of the program are dedicated to subject matter learning where all the concepts & tools of Graphic Designing and Advanced Photo editing will be comprehensively covered.

The hands-on training

We believe that learning isn’t complete until you practice and create on your own. In this phase we will help you create your portfolio with projects and assignments.


You will get an assured internship with a tech startup or a marketing agency where you will work on 1 or multiple live projects.

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Special Learning Features

Our learning is not only based on content, but much more. We want our students to be the best in the industry. So we have included some interesting and unique features on our platform.

Peer to Peer Live Lectures Program Manager Doubt Sessions

Peer to Peer Discussions

Interact with your batchmates every 15 days and share your aspirations with each other. Build an engaging network, learn about each other’s experiences, and share your realisations. The discussions will be conducted through group video calls where 6 students will interact at the same time.

Live Expert Lectures

We understand the need for live discussions and real-time suggestive development. Our top industry experts will conduct live webinars on popular industry topics so that you can put your questions and concerns forward and improve your creativity and performance with their expert pointwise advice.

Program Manager

Each course you take will introduce you to our program manager, who will guide you through every step of your learning. You will receive answers to questions that get you puzzled and feedback on how you’re performing. Each moment of your journey is important to us, and guess what - we don’t judge.

Doubt Sessions

Have doubts that need a real-time solution? We’re here for you. We will have special doubt clearing live sessions with your course trainers where you will be able to raise all your questions. You can also post your doubts related to the course or anything else that garners your interest in our Q&A community and we will provide you answers in less than or maximum of 24 hours.


Lectures, Quizzes, Assignments & Projects included in this Program

Let’s get Started

Get familiar with designing in this introductory module. Just a little warm-up before we get you ready for the advanced training.

Graphic Design Theory
1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Sessions
The Creative Brief
2 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1- Live Session

Adobe Photoshop is the tool for design, it was and has been most widely used for almost all types of design. So it can be easily said that in this module you will master the scripting language of designing.

File Opening
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Documentation and Navigations
1 - Assignment , 1- Live Session
Customising the photoshop interface
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Digital Image Essentials
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1- Live Session
Color and Brush Essentials
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Layer Masking
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Making Selections
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Local Pixel Editing and Retouching
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
  • 1.
    Blend Mode
Smart Object Essentials
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Essential Transformations
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Essential Filters
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
Shape Layers
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Essential Layer Styles
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Type Essentials
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Pen Tool
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Typefaces & Styles
1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz

Getting your hands on your first complete designs, this module will help you set the right pace for your design career through practical learning.

Business Cards
1 - Assignment
  • 1.
    Business card
6 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
  • 1.
    Business flyer
  • 2.
    Fashion flyer

Adobe illustrator has a key place in Adobe suite as it is a specialised tool in vector designing. In this module you will learn all the tricks and techniques in vector based designing with practical projects such as Logo, Icons, character designs etc.

With the new trends and demands, model photo editing is getting tricker and complex, our detailed curriculum will be a guidelines for you to perform editing like a pro.

Adobe Camera Raw
1 - Assignment
Skin Softening
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Skin Retouching
1 - Assignment
Dodge & Burn
1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
Teeth Whitening
1 - Assignment
Working on colour
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
Advanced Image Retouching
1 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session

You can do plenty with your images with Adobe Photoshop, in this module, you will learn to manipulate your image to whatever you want them to including VFX artworks, portraits, motion images etc. You will also learn to digitally restore olden images.

Advanced Image Manipulation
2 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
Cinematographic Masterclass Contd..
2 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session

Learn the basics of Print designing for the new digital age the right way. In this module the focus on the things that will help you most in your career i.e. learning print designing the digital way.

Getting Started in Indesign
1 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
Probing Indesign Interface
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Book Designing
1 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
  • 1.
    Part 1
  • 2.
    Part 2
  • 1.
    Part 1
  • 2.
    Part 2
  • 3.
    Part 3
  • 1.
    Using Text Effect
  • 2.
    Some Tips
1 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
Stepping stones for getting hired
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
Introducing you to the exciting world of Freelancing
2 - Assignment , 2 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session
Photo Restoration
2 - Assignment

As brand image depends on the product, so the product image is very crucial for any brand, with our detailed curriculum you will get insightful guidelines for product photo editing and it's tools.

Product Package
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Working on Reflections
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Moving forward
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz , 1 - Live Session

Learn specific tricks of editing images for one of the most trending types of photoshoots i.e. Food Photography and Wedding Photography.

Food Photo editing
1 - Assignment , 1 - Quiz
Bride Photo editing
1 - Assignment , 1 - Live Session
Master’s Program in Graphic Designing and Advanced Photo editing

Lead Program Trainer

Guest Trainers

Jaideep Chauhan

Founder and Creative Director - nDimensions Studio

Kunal Chhajer

Founder - Campaigns of the World

Vivek Rathore

Co-Founder - Eyebridge Soft Solutions

Guest Trainers

Subhe Certification separates you
from the crowd.

Getting certified by Subhe shows employers that you have done hard-work to understand the core concepts of Graphic Designing and Advanced Photo editing. You can also add your qualification to your CV, and upload it to your LinkedIn profile.
It's always easy to get a job with Subhe certification as it’s recognized as a testimony of your skill. But, getting a Master’s Certification from Subhe is not a piece of cake. You have to watch all the course videos, do assignments, attend live and group sessions and do a genuine internship at the end.
Becoming certified shows you’ve got genuine design skills, and that you are motivated to learn: two essential qualities in today’s business world. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want and start a whole new career.

Learning is incomplete without Fun.

Jagrit Gupta, Co-founder Subhe


Answers to some common questions asked by our students

To enroll in the master’s program, you can press the ‘Apply for Scholarship’ button and fill up the application form. Our counselors may contact you for further details and shortlist your applications for enrollment. Once you’re shortlisted, the counselors will guide you through the payment and admission process.
At the time of your enrolment, you will be assigned a Program Manager who will be in constant contact with you and guide you throughout the program. He/she will help you through your doubts and issues. In addition to this, we have periodic Q & A sessions with trainers included with the Master’s Program, where you can easily put forward all your doubts. We also have our own Q&A community that serves the purpose of solving your queries regarding any topic that interests you. Once you post your question, our experts will revert to you at the earliest.
Our 8 months Master’s Program comes with a guaranteed 2 months of internship, which means once you achieve the certificate for this program, you can add an internship to your resume.
Mostly the internships are paid, but we prioritise your effective training and practical experience through live projects that you work on during the internship.
Yes, you can get in touch with your trainer through their LinkedIn profile for further communication during or after your course completion. You can also connect to the support to connect to a program manager that can guide you and connect you to the course trainer.
Yes, absolutely! We believe in empowering the youth of this country through courses that help them achieve a career of their interest. We would never restrict you from following your dreams!
We always try to keep the fees minimum so that students can afford the best learning experience. To make our courses further accessible, we also offer scholarships to selected students and ensure discounts upto 40% on their course fees. The scholarship is offered based on your application and profile.
We work on a hybrid model, taking the best from both methods. All skill training will be through recorded sessions by industry experts, and you will be able to watch at your own convenient time. In addition to this, there will be weekly live sessions; that will build your perspective and understanding of the concepts in depth. This will allow you to interact with your batch mates.
We will organise a placement drive during the 22nd week of our Master’s Program, where you will be applying to internships through online portals. In addition to this, we also provide you placement training that includes Resume, Portfolio, Mock interviews, etc. We also partner with multiple companies and agencies to ensure 100% placements.
When you enroll in the program, you are assigned a Program Manager at the time of your enrollment. The program manager is your mentor and guide throughout the program. He/she will help you in your sessions, assignments, doubts clearing and internship. Yes, you can email your questions to your Program Manager and connect with them on WhatsApp for better communication anytime you might face any confusion throughout the Master’s Program.
No, we do not have any offline classrooms. We offer all our courses online. Our offices are in Chandigarh and New Delhi, and our trainers are professionals from different cities of India.
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