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Are you a Technical or Business subject expert?

Upload your video course to share your knowledge with millions of Indian Students & Earn Recurring Income.

Why Should You Join?

Subhe is an on-demand skill development platform offering a library of video training courses and tutorials taught in Indian Local Languages. We are looking for experts who have a passion to share their expertise and knowledge with students. Here are few benefits for associating with us:


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How it works for Trainers?

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    Sign Up for free and complete your trainer profile to help students discover you easily.

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    Choose a topic you love and upload/create your first video. Millions of students are looking for courses from subject experts.

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    Once students start viewing your videos, you get life long Royalty on monthly basis.

What Trainers say about Subhe?

We re changing the way Indian Youth learn, and we want you to be a part of it.

Subhe-Trainer Revenue Sharing Model

We are on a mission to help Indian youth compete in English dominated Learning space. And for achieving that we need a continuous support from our trainers. So we have kept a very handsome and transparent Revenue Sharing Model:

  • Students buy monthly and annual subscription on our platform and get unlimited access to learn by watching course videos.

  • 50% of the total revenue earned through the platform is distributed among the trainers as royalty.

  • Individual trainer get royalty paid on the basis of minutes of their video views of their courses.

Dedicated Help

Our trainers form the backbone of Subhe. We help them to create, edit and upload courses. Please feel free to get in touch!

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